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The conceptual advances in the relationship between culture and development required an applied research to provide new tools to the actors involved in international cooperation and cultural management.

The project puts at your disposal these website applications to facilitate the implementation and development of policies, programs, or projects that incorporate the cultural approach to development.

The research project “Learning from practical experiences. Culture and development” was operated from 2011 to 2013 by the Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Culture and Development (L+iD) from the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policies and Development of the University of Girona (Spain) and the Technological University of Bolivar (Colombia), at the request of the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund(MDG-F).

This research has contributed to thesystematization, retention and transfer of the knowledge emerging from the management practices of these projects based onthe experience accumulated by the Joint Programmes of the Culture and Development Thematic Window of the MDG-Fund (18 projects in four continents).

These learning experiences, allowed the L+iD to design a set of practical project management tools under the Cultural Approach for Development available here in a digital applications' format in order to facilitate its access and usage.

The purpose of these applications is to increase the project management's capabilities and to promote a higher effectiveness and sustainability of development actions with a cultural approach.


Access to Applications

It underlines the importance of the context (territory, social organization and cultural life) for the project effectiveness, and it offers recommendations for its implementation throughout the project.

It shows several options to include the capabilities approach in the development actions, focusing on the relationship between basic and cultural capabilities.

It offers support and guidance for the design of communication strategies that regard communication as a basic right,as a cultural participation instrument and as an economical impact.

It shows the main identified problems in the cultural and development project experiences, offering some potential solutions to attain a higher effectiveness in their interventions.

It reflects on the different cross-cutting issues in development and it recommends to implement them to manage projects under the cultural approach for development.

It offers support for managing development projects focusing on the cycle stages where it is necessary to implement the cultural approach for development.

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